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As an internationally renowned production house of luxury, sport and lifestyle premium sunglass and optical frames, Mirage SpA assumes great responsibility for the protection of our environment in concert with providing the best services to our clients. We strongly believe that, if we all contribute, we can achieve excellent results. This is why we have put our Environmental Policy on paper, with which we are concretely committed to:

– waste reduction

– energy efficiency

– water saving

– bio-based and recycled materials

Our commitment to environmental protection is an essential part of our short and long-term business plans for growth and evolution and extends above and beyond the obligatory compliance with laws and regulations in place for production policy in Italy and other international requirements.

We develop and produce sunglass and optical frames with carefully selected sustainable materials through responsible production processes. In managing our environmental system, we evaluate the impact of our production activities and the use of chemical substances through a preventative and continuous improvement approach, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001-15 standard.

Energy efficiency and sustainable solutions

Our investment in innovative technologies and equipment to obtain the most efficient use of natural resources coupled with tirelessly searching for the best sustainable materials remains our commitment, paying particular attention to the management of water and energy.

In past years, we introduced injection molding with electric equipment, purchased 4.0 production technologies, tumbling machinery with a water recirculation system, mold cooling with reduced use of energy, compressed air with an inverter, lighting with LED lights, photovoltaic system using solar panels, electric means of transportation and purchased energy produced 100% from renewable sources.

We recently announced the opening of our state-of-the-art and digitally mastered milled acetate production facility for which we are in process of ISCC Plus certification. This milestone will allow us the privilege to use circular acetate resins which are comprised of both recycled and bio-based components such as Acetate Renew by Mazzucchelli.

We invite you as partners and clients that share our values to engage in our process of continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System so that together, we continue to focus on mindful and sustainable solutions prioritizing people and the environment throughout our evolving enterprises.

Our Environmental Policy for 2023 is available for download at this link:

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