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Tradition – Precision – Know-How

100% Made in Italy

Luxury Market, High-Quality Sports, Fashion Eyewear, Lifestyle Eyewear, Optical Eyewear


Sunglasses and Optical Frames Custom and Open Molds
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy


It all started in the 1960s with a small family optical workshop, fueled by a passion for high-quality, innovative eyewear and the entrepreneurial spirit of Maria Negri and her beloved husband, Carmine Milone. At first, it was all about mounting lenses into frames for a large Italian manufacturer. Less than a decade later, the factory was already buzzing with many more manufacturing processes and in the late 70’s and early 80’s Carmine became the first eyewear factory owner to investigate and bring to the optical market the now well-known revolutionary nylon material, Grilamid TR90.

This innovation was a critical step that spearheaded Mirage from a small family business into a global provider of high-quality eyewear, using this lightweight and incredibly resistant Swiss material. From then on, Mirage has captured the attention of numerous renowned brands worldwide and its quality products became a benchmark for the market.

Today, the company is run by the 2nd Milone generation, Monica, Matteo and Cristiano, while the 3rd generation, starting with Jessica, is already being groomed into leadership positions. Possibly exceeding their parents expectations (or not!), the 3 siblings have taken their parents company to new heights, becoming a leader in manufacturing and quality for sunglasses and optical frames. Mirage prides itself on its long-term projects and investments such as new technologies, equipment, materials and a strong emphasis on eco-friendly products, as well as on the caring and family-like culture that defines the company’s workforce.

Codice Etico

Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy


Europe & Australia

Mirage products bring Italian craftsmanship and tradition to far-flung corners of the world. Whether it’s sunglasses or optical frames, Mirage products are sought after by renowned American, European and Australian brands.Mirage design and engineering team is frequently recognized and appreciated for its creation of both open and custom molds.


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Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy



He has been working with the company since 1984, first in production, and later in the export business. Ever since Carmine, his father and Mirage’s founder, passed away in the 90s, Cristiano has led the business development of Mirage together with the full support of his siblings, Monica and Matteo. Well respected in the sunglass market, he has been elected several times to Anfao and MIDO boards. Apart from work, he is passionate about soccer and a big fan of F.C. Inter Milano. He is in love with his Australian Sheppard dog, Wallace, has a particular passion for residential architecture & construction, has recently discovered the benefits of swimming and enjoys cooking.
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy



Mirage’s customers really enjoy working with him and his team as they strive to find together the right solutions to turn product ideas into reality. Precision and attention to the details are his mission. Matteo has been a member of the Varese Confindustria plastic division board for several years. He also loves Golden Retrievers, is a passionate basketball player, an electronic music enthusiast, fan of Master Chef and is a very good cook.
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy



Jessica is the next generation family for Mirage. Being Monica’s daughter, she has been involved in the company since an early age. Now full-time employed by Mirage, after having graduated from university, Jessica is part of the sales team and also in charge of Mirage’s communications and social media. She is highly appreciated by the company’s customers and always present to give her support in each and every project. She loves travelling around the world with her camera and has a great passion for arts in general.
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy



Luca started with Mirage in 1999 and, since then, he has acquired in depth knowledge about the company’s trade, manufacturing processes and business. Meticulous and patient, he looks after each of his assigned customers’ prototypes, molds colors and orders, among other things, with high professionalism. His other greatest passions are fishing and beer, best if both at the same time!
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy



Francesco started with Mirage in 2009, and brings more than 15 years experience in sales. Customers appreciate his unwavering support and expertise through each phase of development. Whether it is prototyping, molds, orders etc., they will all be taken care of with great attention and professionalism by Francesco. He is also a sports lover and passionate triathlete, bringing his best in everything he does.
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy



He experiments every day with innovative solutions to bring to the market and his precision and dedication to projects is always top quality. While he is part of the technical team, he also works directly with the Mirage sales team to ensure customer satisfaction. He’s a passionate art books reader, loves listening to progressive rock music and enjoys watching sport matches from the comfort of his couch.
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy



He is part of the technical team and a master of 3D design, with high engineering skills and CAD/CAM in depth knowledge. In addition, Giacomo has 30 years experience in molds and Mirage customers can work side by side with him, ensuring all surfaces are perfect. He also excels at building 3D prototypes. Giacomo is an avid road and off-road cyclist, and enjoys hiking.
Sunglasses Manufacturing Made in Italy



Cristina brings to Mirage a vast knowledge and experience in accounting and banking industry, ensuring that the company is managed very soundly financially. She is the key person overseeing the financial aspect of our international business. With a big passion for golf, Cristina performs brilliantly inside and outside the green field.


Executive Purchasing Manager

Although she only joined Mirage a few years ago, Elisa has integrated perfectly into the team. Graduated in Foreign Languages (International Management field) she found her favorite environment in purchasing, successfully cooperating with both Italian and foreign suppliers. Her greatest passions are reading books (better if Agatha Christie’s novels), France and of course… shopping!


Shipping Manager

Meticulous and precise, since 2006 Laura has been handling all shipments, managing export and import aspects. She loves rock music of all kinds, from classic to hard rock, as long as she can go wild! On the other side, she also enjoys hiking and cycling in nature and observing what surrounds her: listening to the sounds of nature regenerates her.


All details matter: materials and parts purchasing and costs are watched closely. We don’t compromise on quality, yet we are sensitive to cost and value to you.


They look after your product
All projects, big or small, are highly important to each of team members.
Sunglasses Manufacturing


Whether 1,000 pieces or 50,000 pieces, each project is carefully supported technical, planning, sales, accounting and purchasing team. From drawings to sample requirements, and from costing to the right parts of materials, we pride ourselves in treating each customer as part of our family.
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