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At Mirage, our core values are caring about, pleasing and providing you a full array of sunglass development and manufacturing services tailored to your specific needs.
From product design to packaging, our team is uniquely qualified to ensure that every aspect of each project is managed with meticulous detail.


Our R&D and design team are creative, innovative and extremely knowledgeable from performance to fashion. We are here to help you with design from start to finish – products to packaging.


We start from design concepts, sketches, inspirational drawings or 2D drawings. Our engineering and tech team are specialist in the building of and creating 3D drawings and files required for exact product specifications and for precise mold production.

Through reverse engineering, we can build a 3D file of a design from a handmade prototype.


Handmade Prototyping: with decades of experience, our highly skilled and talented prototyping expert hands are at your disposal to create prototypes from design concepts and drawings. Our handmade prototyping process allows our team to modify and refine very specific product specs from fit to function. After prototype approval and thanks to reverse engineering, we scan the design and build the 3D file for creating the molds.
3D printing prototyping: If you have a completed 3D file and need a prototype for quick evaluation, we can provide you with 3D printed rapid prototype made in house.


According to your products design, purpose, intended use and to ensure the optimal finished sunglass, we will provide you with expert council from design function and fit to the choosing of frame, and lens materials, components and frame finishes. Additionally, we are available to provide you with industry specific color palette trends and design coloration recommendations from performance to fashion.


To help you realize your collection, we offer full service, design by sku, frame, lens and even packaging color recommendations and sampling. Once you finalize your collection, we can provide you a full set of collection samples, pre-launch production samples and others as needed upon request.


With over 60 years of experience in sunglass manufacturing, we, without a doubt, deliver the highest quality, all in house, Italian made sunglasses in the market today. Our knowhow spans the scope of all-inclusive sunglass manufacturing and we possess essential skills from mold expertise, frame injection, decoration, finishing, lens cutting, edging (all lens substrates including mineral), logo insertion, product printing, packaging, inspection, and the list goes on.


We ensure that all of our products are in compliance with and pass or surpass all EN, REACH and FDA Eyewear regulations. We perform in house product risk assessments for eye and face protection ensuring that all materials used in the production of our products pose no health risk to the end user.
In house laboratory testing includes: drop ball testing, impact protection, chemical resistance, biological resistance, optical clarity lens performance, polarization efficiency, frame durability and longevity testing just to name a few. All products are marked according to the testing requirements of product specificities.


In order to run an efficient manufacturing process, we plan and schedule the production accordingly and are 100% committed to meeting order deadlines and even to accommodate special needs. We collaborate with all of our partners in product forecasting ensuring that we have production capacity set and all necessary materials, components, lenses and packaging needed to secure on time delivery.


Our expert purchasing team independently manages our supply chain of raw materials, components, packaging and all the necessary to provide you with a complete product.


We provide full internal and external packaging and product labeling services and provide assistance with packaging and all related components. We look to proposing innovative and sustainable solutions for all.


We manage and create all necessary documents for product and shipment exportation EXWORKS and provide you assistance for custom clearance.


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