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Hand-Painted Collection

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colors and patterns library

We are excited to announce the release of our first Digital Collection of Hand-Painted Colors and Patterns!

According to product design, purpose, intended use and to ensure the optimal finished sunglasses, Mirage provides with expert council from industry specific color palette trends and design coloration recommendations from performance to fashion.

Color trends evolve over time and are influenced by a wide range of factors based on what is happening around us and throughout the world from social conditions, societal changes, nature and the environment and technology and science. Color pleases us and evokes feelings of joy, energy, and calm. Trends reflect what our collective senses and emotional needs are over and throughout a particular period.

Our team’s creative minds have put together a Library that includes moodboards, inspirations and ready-to-go frames color options. Each year, there will be different editions of Colors and Patterns Library, according to the latest and future trends.

Mido 2023 Hand-Painted and Patterns Library Edition includes 6 moodboards inspired from nature, interior design, automotive and fashion industries. Our interpretation of trends brought us to the creation of color proposals for your eyewear customization, divided in:





Our hand painting team has decades of experience in artisanal colorations and the mass production process manages to create uniquely crafted pieces.

Even twins have their own personality. And so do our frames. Look closely, you will see that each patterned eyewear has its own distinct coloring.

Fill in the form below to request our Colors and Patterns Library and for further information.

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