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Celebrating the Alzheimer Fest, an awareness-raising event on dementia organized by the Progetto Rughe Association, the students of the 3H class of the Figurative Arts of the Angelo Frattini Art School of Varese created a site-specific installation called “Distorted City”, using recycled materials.

Location and Time: Place on the lakeside of Gavirate, at the Cloister of the town Voltorre from 25 June to 3 July 2022.

It started with a visit to the cloister, where students conceptualized the PCTO project (Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation) coordinated by the supervision of Professor Mariagiovanna Micali and in collaboration with the Progetto Rughe Association.


The title of the work “Distorted City” originates from the term distortion itself, being the alteration or deformation of a shape or natural attitude. As seen on the surface of the lenses used in the artwork, we can also see a distorted view when we observe our reflection in a concave or convex mirror.

The site-specific installation for the Cloister of Voltorre represents a large city made of prisms of different shapes and colors. The distance between the plastic elements allows them to view the work at 360 degrees and actively participate in the installation itself.

The materials used for this project are all recycled, sustainable and remain in the Cloister of Voltorre waiting for a new use.


Mirage donated multiple imperfect colored plastic sunglass lenses, to the ReMida Varese Association, that in turn became decorative elements as they transformed into windows with the optical effects of hypothetical multicolored skyscrapers.

With the aim of giving a second life to otherwise abandoned materials these creative young authors used color repetition to apply the lenses to the surface of the prisms.

Glimpses of blue, red and white are visible in the quadrangular prisms (also recycled materials that were previously display material for a fashion show of the well-known sports company Fila in Milan).

The different colored lenses bring the prisms to life, in such a way as to create multiple visions of the same material and at the same time of ourselves, symbolizing the perception of the world for each of us. These, however, are not left to themselves, but are integrated all forming a vision of unity and solidarity. Beyond indifference.

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