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Matteo Milone: elected President of UNIVA “Rubber & Plastics” group

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Varese, 4 April 2022: Matteo Milone, of Mirage Spa of Venegono Inferiore, was elected President of the product group companies “Rubber and Plastics” in the Industrial Union of the Varese Province(UNIVA), for the period 2022-2023. The group includes 110 companies with a total of 7300 employees.

The meeting was a great moment in time to discuss the status and future of this industrial sector that is so deeply rooted in our territory. The focus of the meeting was the area of sustainability and on the great challenge represented by green plastic which are especially important subjects for our company.

During the assembly, Loredano Pollegioni, Professor of Biotechnology and Life Sciences at the University of Insubria in Varese, had an interesting talk about the innovative projects of The Protein Factory 2.0 laboratory. “Today we are facing a new challenge. Plastic can already be reused or recycled, but we need a paradigm shift: plastic can, in fact, become a real resource if it is recovered in a biological way, degrading it with plastic-eating enzymes. The idea was already present in science fiction literature: but today it is reality”, said Pollegioni.

This topic is already at the center of two European circular economy projects, led by the staff of Pollegioni and opens possible collaborations between the companies and research.

Ecology and energy saving are key topics that Mirage will never stop engaging with dedication.

Read the article of the Industrial Union of the Varese Province:

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