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Sealing the Bio-deal with packaging

Each year we produce hundreds of thousands of sunglasses and each pair leaves our factory properly secured in a polybag, which is an essential component that prevents the glasses from becoming scratched or soiled after being cleaned. From Mirage to the final consumer, through distribution centers and stores, the polybag remains with the eyewear for protection. The most common polybags are made of polypropylene, which is a petroleum based material.

In brand’s distribution centers, the glasses may be unpacked and repacked, and polybags can be sent for recycling or simply discarded. Once the eyewear arrives at the final destination, it is most likely that within minutes of a sunglass purchase, and sometimes prior to, the polybag will be trashed instead of being put aside for recycling.



The polybags are not only used for eyewear packaging: the entire fashion industry uses some kind of protective packaging to safeguard their products. Recent studies indicate that hundreds of billions of polybags are estimated to be produced every year, causing a devastating impact on the environment if not properly recycled.

For this reason, we have decided to move towards a packaging that is recyclable and comes from natural sources. We are in the process of switching to a polybag made of Mater-Bi®, a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic, developed to offer solutions to specific environmental problems by reconciling the quality and performance of products with the efficiency of the use of resources.

Here are the main features of this sustainable material:



Mater-Bi® originates from corn starch and vegetable oils not designated for food production.



Mater-Bi® can degrade in natural circumstances into simpler substances through the (enzymatic) activity of microorganisms.



Mater-Bi® can turn into compost through an aerobic biological process. Compost is an excellent fertilizer, improving the structure of soil and bioavailability of nutrients.


When it comes to protecting the environment, we at Mirage, feel that it is our duty and responsibility to remain committed and to pursue and fulfill all measures possible, even the smallest ones, that can assist in preserving our very fragile ecosystem thinking outside of the box and all around it.