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REUSE AND REFILL: our model to ban single-use plastics

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Single-Use Plastic products, known as SUPs, are used once or twice before being thrown away and they represent 50 percent of global oceans litter, causing terrible impacts on the environment and subsequently on our health.  

At Mirage, we have planned simple yet effective actions with a view to eliminate single use plastic items, starting from water bottles.

We provide every single employee with a stainless-steel double-walled water bottle, that they can use every day at work and bring it wherever they like. Switching to these reusable bottles, allows us to significantly reduce plastic waste.

In support of this, we installed refillable filtered water stations in our working spaces. These stations are connected to water mains and our personnel can refill their bottles for free.

Today, the supply of bottled water has become increasingly expensive and less environmentally beneficial, especially when we consider transportation and warehouse storage. Not to mention, the added costs and consequences linked to plastic bottles waste and recycling.

Our filtered water costs up to 3,000 times less than bottled water, without compromising excellent quality and at the same time protecting the environment.

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